Experience. Local. Banking.

Our mission
Local bankers helping our customers and communities succeed.

Our promise
We are committed to community banking and will serve the metropolitan Houston market by building great relationships one by one.

Our philosophy
Banking is about people, not just dollars and cents. Our customers choose us because they want more than a bank account; they want a banking relationship. They need more than a place to put their money; they need somewhere to place their trust.

At Bank of Houston, we consider customer relationships to be our most valuable asset and we believe that when you call for a banker’s advice, a banker should pick up the phone. We treat our customers with respect and strive to deliver excellent customer service because that’s the only way we know how to do business.

We are dedicated to pure community banking, with none of the bureaucracy you expect from large regional banks or national banking chains. Because we are locally owned and operated, we are fully invested in the success of every community we serve. All of our decisions are made locally. This allows us to get to know our customers, and keeps us flexible enough to deliver customized banking solutions quickly and efficiently.

We are responsive. We are experienced. We are Houston’s bank of choice.

Our customers
Bank of Houston is here for customers needing liquidity through deposits, from checking accounts and CDs to money market accounts and savings plans. We serve a wide range of lending needs for both personal and commercial clients, including mortgage and construction loans. We also cater to middle-market businesses needing everything from lines of credit to commercial real estate to business loans.

To start your Bank of Houston relationship, contact us today.