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Treasury Management

Bank of Houston’s Treasury Management Group provides a comprehensive range of Treasury Management products and services to help your business manage cash more efficiently, simplify treasury procedures, and keep overall costs down.

At Bank of Houston, we understand that every business is unique. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your specific treasury issues and prepare a customized proposal to meet your needs.

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Treasury Management products and services include:

Information Management

Information Reporting

Bank of Houston offers a web-based service that enables you to perform consolidated balance and transaction reporting on all accounts. View current-day, previous-day, and historical reports conveniently and securely from your office or mobile device.

Electronic Data Interchange Service (EDI)

With Electronic Data Interchange, you can easily and efficiently view payment details received through ACH.


Have your electronic monthly account statements delivered directly to your computer securely and without delay.

Payable Solutions

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH provides a reliable, efficient and cost-effective system for processing payments electronically.

ACH Origination

Initiate Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions for payroll direct deposits and payment distribution to vendors.

Wire Transfer

Transfer funds securely to other financial institutions inside or outside of the U.S. using our secure online banking system. Or, send wire transfers directly from any one of Bank of Houston’s convenient locations.

Online Bill Payment

Use our Online Bill Pay service to initiate transactions directly from your checking account.

Receivable Solutions

ACH Origination

Efficiently collect receivables due to your company with Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.

Remote Deposit Capture

Easily deposit checks from your office desktop computer using a Bank of Houston scanning device. Don’t spend your valuable time traveling to the bank when sending an electronic image will do. (Service is subject to approval.)

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH provides a reliable, efficicent, and cost-effective electronic system for processing incoming credits to your account.

Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Account sweeps automatically to move funds between the related Bank of Houston accounts of your choosing. No need to manually transfer funds or carry excess balances that could be using more effectively elsewhere.

Lockbox Solutions

Lockbox Services from Bank of Houston make it easy for businesses to simplify the collection and processing of receivables. Minimize collection float by directing incoming checks to a downtown post office box, where Bank of Houston representatives regularly retrieve payments and deposit them into your business account. Bank of Houston provides Retail Lockbox services, Wholesale Lockbox services, and Medical Lockbox services to meet the specific needs of your industry. As an added convenience, you may view online images of checks and remittance documents received in your lockbox on a same-day basis.

Fraud Management Solutions

Positive Pay

Feel secure knowing that you have protection from fraudulent or invalid checks. Simply submit your check issue information through Bank of Houston’s online banking system, and we will compare your records with incoming checks to immediately identify potentially fraudulent items. Positive Pay allows you to make explicit decisions on items that are presented against your account.

ACH Debit Filtering

Protect your company from fraudulent electronic drafts. Simply provide Bank of Houston with information on the parties authorized to draft from your account, and we will block all drafts from any unauthorized parties.